Visitation dreams study

A study on “dreams of the deceased” is being conducted by researcher Kevin Kovelant. He is currently looking for stories by the public on their personal experiences.

Here is Kovelant’s explanation:

I am currently working on my Master’s Thesis at John F. Kennedy
University, in Pleasant Hill, California. I am collecting stories of
people’s experiences of dreams of the deceased. Have you ever had a
dream of a dead friend or relative that felt like it was “real Have
you dreamed of someone, only to find out the next day that they had died
during the night? If so, I would love to hear your story. Right now, I
am soliciting dream reports of these types. Based on the reports I
receive, I may be interested in talking further with you in a series of

If you are interested in participating in this research, have a dream to
share, or have any questions, I can be reached at

We all have stories like this, but only by sharing them can we work towards greater understanding of what is usually called “psi”. Instead of simply constructing theories that mirror our own worldviews, maybe it’s time we returned to the phenomenal experiences themselves?

Daniel Dennett – armed with his heterophenomenology – would remind me here that, although we can listen to the dead, we can’t really believe anything they say. Personally, I recommend a little gratitude, not Cartesian doubt, when in conversation with one’s ancestors.


  1. Dave says

    I have had several visitation dreams from different deceased persons in my life and two very recently, each of these dreams have had a confirmation. For instance in a dream with my deceased step father we were on a boat in a harbor. Behind him were large black cranes and multiple brick buildings, several months later I was watching a television show about the ” Big dig ” in the city of Boston where my Step dad was from and they showed a view from the harbor and it was exactly what I had seen in my dream, And I mean exactly. A person I knew passed away about a month ago and I had a dream where he was on a beach and wearing a # 12 football jersey. I had it confirmed to me by a friend of his that he indeed had such a jersey and wore it all the time as it was his high school jersey number. These dreams are always very different from other dreams that I have, They are profoundly real and I have several more examples. I would be very interested in sharing these with you. I would like to learn more on what these dreams are.
    Thank, Dave

  2. Rob says

    I have had Lucid dreams since I was little. Visitation dreams have been a part of my life since I can remember. I have known multiple people that have died throughout my life. I remember the details of my lucid dreams since I was a child. I struggled with this growing up thinking i was not normal. I have many instances where I have been “contacted”. To be honest Im trying to find explanation and to understand meaning surrounding these expierences.

  3. says

    Rob, I recommend the book “Extraordinary Dreams and how to work with them” by Krippner, Bogzaran, and de Carvalho. They dedicate an entire chapter to spiritual and visitation dreams – how to work with them and how to explore their deeper levels.

  4. Rob says

    Thank you! I will read those. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to hear about some of my expierences.

  5. Ashekt says

    Just a bit of a background. I dream a lot and have a feeling that at times I have prophetic dreams. I see something in dream which comes true in near future.

    I would like to seek help in interpreting one of my dream. I lost my mom to a terrible and sudden road accident and I could not explain how shocked I was. She is the one I love the most in this world and will always do so. I can never imagine my life without her. From the very first day, I never accepted this fact. I kept saying to myself that she will come back to me, she has to.

    I saw her in dreams many a time from that day. Those are not normal dreams and they do tell me something. The common theme across those dreams is babies (infants). I feel as if she listens to me, recently I said to her (looking at her picture) that she do not talk to me in my dreams. To my surprise she visited me, we did talk a lot, and the amazing thing about this dream was that she was sitting at my bedside table where I keep her picture while sleeping. I know she is around me and there are lot many others things that make me believe in it firmly. The best dream I had about her was when she appeared as a spirit sitting by me. I know she was a spirit by the way she was appearing to me and I feel it was a prophetic/ visitation dream although I am not an expert. I held her hand and said you will have to come back to me and she said yes and then I again said not for a short time but forever and she said yes she will come back to me forever. I saw a baby in the very first dream I had of her. Very recently, I saw that I am at my parents place and something fell from the sky right around my feet and I am telling people around me that it is the Sun surrounded by nine planets. I actually feel it is real although the object which fell was of brass with that kind of a shape. What does this all possibly means.

    Can anybody please help me with interpreting my dream?

  6. says

    Hi Ashekt, thanks for sharing your amazing and vulnerable visitation dreams. dreams like that are the greatest gifts of the dreamworld, in my humble opinion.

    As for interpreting your dreams beyond the manifest content of reconnecting with your mom, I have a couple of thoughts. Babies are classic symbols of new beginnings, of unconditional love, and also, paradoxically, of death. With the last dream I had a sudden image of a wolf cub being dropped at your feet – that’s a Roman myth, a sign of divine leadership. Rather than interpret what it means, however, I would encourage you to focus on how it feels. You could meditate on the dream – relax and take 15 minutes to replay the drea in your head – and see if you can discover more about the mysterious object that dropped from the sky.

  7. frank says

    my beautiful 19 year old step daughter died in a gymnastics accident on the 19/6/09, it was devistating and really hard to come to terms with.My nights became blank until the 22/7/09 when I had a dream.I was sitting on the lounge looking down at the coffee table and for some reason I looked up to see michelle standing on the other side of the table looking down so her long blonde hair was covering her face.I said michelle thats you(then she lifted her head and shooked the hair out of her face and smiled)your here.At that point I remember feeling so releived that all the other stuff was a dream.I got up and walked around the table and grabbed michelle and kissed her .then I sat back down on the lounge with michelle on my lap just hugging her.She was solid in my arms had track suit pant s on with a tank top and was happy, I thought it was reality and after that I woke up and had sinking feeling when I realised it wasn’t.

  8. says

    thanks Frank for sharing that touching dream. I am so sorry for your tragic loss. visitation dreams like this one give us the opportunity to make contact and fill our hearts with love, especially when our loved one passes from this life so abruptly. while it’s at first no consolation upon awakening, we still can focus on the dream and keep that feeling of connection alive.

  9. Savannah says

    My fiance recently died in a motorcycle accident, I knew 20 mins after his death thanks to a neighbor who saw it on the news. Long story short he has been visiting me in my dreams ever since and halloween was shocking. I cant really tell much about it on here for fear of his family will read it, but i can tell you that he WAS there that night. Another thing I can mention is that two of his best friends and I messed around with a deck of card and his friend asked me to pick 3 numbers off the top of my head, I chose 11, 8 and 3, then he drew 3 cards which were a jack 3 and an 8, it continued on for about 2 hours…everytime I chose a card, he drew it! Anyway after that I just kept dreaming about my loved one, and everytime I drempt of him…. he NEVER knew he was dead. Every time I tell him hes dead he is shocked. In all of my dreams we are going about our life or in the middle of a vacation that was memorable. I even asked him “what should I do without you” he shook his head and looked down, so I said “you cant tell me, can you”. Then he said “No I cant”. What does it mean?! I know its really him as crazy as it sounds, but I dont know what hes trying to tell me and I definitly dont want him to stop visiting me.

  10. says

    I’m so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I’m glad you have a support network of friends.

    For what it’s worth, I admire your courage for communicating so openly with your fiance in these dreams, and telling him about what happened. I’m not sure what he wants to tell you either, but I know that if you keep asking him questions with a spirit of love and tenderness he will tell you. You could also try doing a guided meditation about this dream and role play what he wants to tell you next…. you may find this kind of rehearsal will neutralize your fear and perhaps lead to less future visitations.

  11. Pete says

    I have been having what I feel are visitation dreams from my father who passed away on March 8th of 2007. Just last night (3/5/2011) he visited me and he looks very young in my dreams. We came together at my grand mothers home (his mom), a place we both frequented in our lives and a woman we both loved dearly. We generally talk about things we used to do togehter it is like a stroll of sorts down memory lane. I can touch him and even smell him in these visitations. I will generally wake with not wanting to wake, it is as if he is saying goodbye for now. We communicate but he never seems to move his lips, it seems tellipathic. When I first wake I feel very excited but soon after will usually break down in tears and cry like a baby for hours.

    Here lately our communication seems to stem around my motorcycle that I purchased last year. The one thing my father never approved of me having.

    I do not want these to stop. I want my father to come to me more. I need his guidance at times in my life and I really miss him.

    • says

      thanks Pete for sharing. It sounds like your dreams are helping your grieve, even though they are also stirring up inner conflict. isn’t it amazing how real these dreams can be – and include all the senses. I have heard others who talk about smelling their loved ones’ perfume, the smell lingering even as they wake up. it’s an amazing world we live in.

  12. Fiona Conner says

    My sister was killed in 1994. She was healthy and vibrant, but had often said that she fely ‘stuck’. Several months prior to her death, people who hadnt seen my sister for many years, told me that they had seen her. I think she was saying goodbye.

    Several months after her death, she visited me. We were lying together in bed[just like we did as children] scuffling toes. There was no mattress, just a black sheet covering the divan base.
    I gripped her knee, and kpt saying in wonderment – ‘your here, I can’t believe your here’. She replied – a bit reluctantly – ‘Yes, I’m here’. Somehow our conversation turned to her three year old daughter – and immeadiatly, as we began speaking about my neice, my sister started to spasm – her knees going up to her chest, completly doubling up, as if in severe pain in her abdomen. She doubled up four or five times, and I was really concerned.

    I had no concept of what that meant, until several weeks later, I told an older person of my sisters visit. The friend explained that, when a mother has been seperated from her child – [ or if her child feels pain] then that mother feel it – like a blow to the stomach.

    I think my sister was trying to tell me the loss that she felt – been seperated from her child.

    I will never ever forget that visitation for as long as I live.

  13. Joanne says

    I have an uncle who had the kindest soul but he suffered of alcoholism. He basically lost every thing due to this. Lost his marriage, his home, his job and every bit of money he had, and also became a regular in the local jail. He use to be a seasonal worker at a down hill ski facility. The last few years he would stay sober for ski season and would binge after his work season was over and spend the summer in jail, we use to tease him and tell him it was his summer job. He use to take his frustration on my dad when he was drinking and I use to get mad at him and throw him out of the house, he use to find it funny after he sober up, and still tell me I was his favorite niece just the same. His drinking got hard on his heart and finally on night he died alone in my grand-mothers basement where he was living after losing everything. All the family gathered in the house the next evening and where reminiscing about his life, that night all of a sudden he showed up in my dream and it made no sense to me to see him there, he just telepathically told me to “tell everybody that I’m all right, I have only six months” and with a gesture of hand made me understand he will be going up. I at this time was aware I was dreaming and understood he had to make penitence for his drinking and he said “it is just a peanut”. The next day I told every one, some of them believed me. Six month to the day of his appearing in my dream, I was sleeping and he appeared again in my dream, with a smile he was hovering near the sealing of my bedroom, so I was aware that this was a dream. He smiled and wave me goodbye. I woke up smiling and saying “he made it!”, and my husband ask me what I was talking about, and when I told him, he thought about it and then he said, “it is six month to the day, today”. That when it confirmed to me it was not just a dream, but a visitation.