14 New Dreaming and Consciousness Links for August


I wish I had more time to blog, because I want to write about each and every one of these stories from the last two weeks. Instead, I’ll present them in a list for your enjoyment in case you missed them.

I’m also including a new article and podcast about my upcoming book, Dream Like a Boss (book One), which will be available for pre-order in September (for real, though). 

How Dreams Can Reveal Your Personal Myths (new book excerpt from my upcoming book Dream Like a Boss, Reality Sandwich)

“Learning how to recognize and work with the dominant stories in your dreams can have a profound effect on self-growth, future decision making, and your private investigations into the meaning of the cosmos.”

Lucid Dreams with Ryan Hurd (new interview at Paranormal Review, Blogtalk Radio)

“Have you ever wondered if you can control your dreams? Do you want to know how to take more control over them? Is there more meaning to dreams than you may realize? And….How can you transform the control of your dreams to your reality?”

Those who often recall their dreams respond more strongly to their name (Medical News Today)

“High and low dream recallers were found to differentially process first names during wakefulness, suggesting different functional organization of the brain in the two groups. Moreover, high dream recallers showed more intra-sleep wakefulness than low dream recallers.” Original research here at Frontiers in Consciousness Research.

Not Sleeping Well? Blame the Moon (James Hamblin for the Atlantic)

“This week in the journal Current Biology, Dr. Christian Cajochen and team at the University of Basel in Switzerland claim to have demonstrated that “subjective and objective measures of sleep vary according to lunar phase….according to Dr. Christian Cajochen and team at the University of Basel in Switzerland, “We found that around full moon, delta activity during NREM sleep—an indicator of deep sleep—decreased by 30 percent.”

Psychic Mediumship Research, Interview with Julie Beischel  (21st Century Radio)

Julie Beischel is one of the freshest voices in anomalistic science today. And she’s got a great sense of humor to boot. Also check out her most recent blog post about Yoga and Sharks, which introduces Dean Radin’s new book, Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities, which was released this month.

Aboriginal elder wins prestigious prize for her ‘moon dreaming’ (ABC, Australia)

“Eighty-year-old Mabel Juli collected the $A25,000 RAKA Award for a simple, yet striking piece of work. ‘All the people like my painting, I’m really, really glad for my painting,’ she says. The director of the University of Melbourne’s Ian Potter Museum of Art, Kelly Gellatly, says the piece Garnkeny Ngarranggarni, or Moon Dreaming, is an interplay of many beliefs and traditions.”

Why We Talk in Tongues (T.M. Luhrmann at New York Times)

“Speaking in tongues might actually be a more effective way to pray than speaking in ordinary language — if by prayer one means the mental technique of detaching from the everyday world, and from everyday thought, to experience God.”

Can Dreaming Help You Run Faster? (Matthew Jenkin for The Guardian)

“Studies have shown that if you spend your lucid dream running, the neural pathways engaged in the ability to run are strengthened, not just visualised or imagined,” [Charlie Morley] explains. “So when you wake up in the morning, you will find running easier.”

psi2013join-usThrough the Looking Glass: PsiberDreaming Conference 2013 is now open for Registration (IASD news)

This all-online conference runs from September 22-October 6.  New members to the International Association for the Study of Dreams get the conference for free. “People have a variety of fascinating experiences when dreaming of looking into a mirror, and lucid dreamers often experiment with mirrors in dreams. What do we learn about ourselves in the looking-glass of dreams, and how do they serve as a portal into possibilities hitherto undreamed?”

Near-death experiences exposed (Sarah Griffins, Daily Mail)

“Within 30 seconds after suffering a cardiac arrest, all the animals [rats] displayed a short-lived surge of widespread, highly synchronised brain activity. ‘We were surprised by the high levels of activity,’ said Dr George Mashour, one of the US researchers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. ‘In fact, at near-death many known electrical signatures of consciousness exceeded levels found in the waking state, suggesting that the brain is capable of well-organised electrical activity during the early stage of clinical death.’

“Prehistoric cave paintings across the continents have similar geometric patterns not because early humans were learning to draw like Paleolithic pre-schoolers, but because they were high on drugs, and their brains—like ours—have a biological predisposition to “see” certain patterns, especially during consciousness altering states.”

Ask Discover: Why Don’t We Know We’re Dreaming When We Dream?

“In one small study, activity in the precuneus was higher during lucid dreams than in normal ones. So the precuneus, and connected areas, might be responsible for the insight that’s often lacking in dreams. An analogy might be that dreams are like a dramatic, attention-grabbing external event that leaves us ‘no time to think’ about ourselves or what it means.”

Supernatural Sound: Science and Shamanism in the Arctic (The Appendix)

“The Arctic was a zone of the uncanny because the supernatural was increasingly banished from realms closer to home by exactly the kind of scientific and technological culture to which modern navigators themselves adhered. The Arctic’s indigenous people fascinated British travelers because of their very obliviousness to the empirical, rational, scientific culture to which ‘civilized’ Britons were committed.”

Lucid Dreaming Device NovaDreamer 2 May Actually Be Released After All (Lucidity Institute)

“What are we waiting for?! Software. To make these little sandmen conveniently usable at home by non-technical type dreamers (like you), we have been developing user-friendly software to interface between you and the NovaDreamer2, allowing you to adjust settings, download and plot results, and generally act like your very own dream genie. Now we need to know what kind of computers or smart phones you have at home that you might wish to use with the new NovaDreamer2. If you are interested in getting a NovaDreamer2 in the near future, please fill out the very short survey at: http://lucidity.com/nd2survey

First Image: Dreaming about the Stars by Ivan Ezhikoff, CC 2012

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    While looking for studies on brain activity studies in animals after death, I came upon an interesting article from MIT Animal Studies, “Anmals have complex dreams, MIT researcher proves. I thought you might find it interesting! http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2001/dreaming.html
    As, it does not apply to my article on NDE’ stories, science and spiritual and Biblical aspects and studies of the existence of a “Rainbow Bridge” – I hope you will find this interesting! I love your Dream Studies Portal! Keep on keeping on! Bravo!