Exploring Nootropics: Mind Supplements for Lucid Dreaming


This is a guest post by D.L. of TheLucidDreamSite.com. Ryan offered me the opportunity to share my perspectives on nootropic supplementation and its role in a lucid dream induction program. To begin with, I have a vested interest in this topic … [Read more...]

How Changing my Diet Just Doubled My Dream Recall


About six weeks ago, I stopped eating grains and dairy. I went Paleo, as in The Paleo Diet. It's basically about staying away from most of the fruits of the neolithic revolution—grains, legumes, and of course processed foods stuffed with corn syrup. … [Read more...]

Skullcap: this herb you probably haven’t heard of can help you sleep


 A guest post by Atava Garcia Swiecicki. This is the first in a series of articles that will go in depth about all the ways herbs interact with sleep and dreams. But to be able to dream, we first must be able to fall asleep.  Insomnia and other … [Read more...]