Calling All Dream Hackers: New Dream Tech Apps and Devices for 2015

lucid dream hacking app

Time for an update on all the amazing dream tech that has come out recently. Hope you enjoy this 2015 round-up of dream-hacking apps and devices. Each of these are currently transforming what's possible in the dream realms.  I am especially excited … [Read more...]

Men’s Dreamwork for Health and Vitality: New Podcast Interview


I'm excited that my interview with Jordan Harbinger of the Art of Charm just dropped. This is a fun conversation geared especially towards men about how working with your dreams can be beneficial for harnessing creativity, vitality, and emotional … [Read more...]

Exploring Nootropics: Mind Supplements for Lucid Dreaming


This is a guest post by D.L. of Ryan offered me the opportunity to share my perspectives on nootropic supplementation and its role in a lucid dream induction program. To begin with, I have a vested interest in this topic … [Read more...]