Dream Like A Boss Book 2

Big Dreams: Psi, Lucid Dreaming and Borderlands of Consciousness

This full length ebook builds upon the concepts laid out in Book One and provides a roadmap for those dream experiences that come more rarely but have the power to change our lives forever.

I’m talking about BIG DREAMS.

Included in Big Dreams: Psi, lucid dreaming and borderlands of consciousness (Dream Like A Boss Book 2) is a detailed introduction into learning how to lucid dream, which is the wonderful experience of knowing you are dreaming and being able to make choices in the dream.

Book Two also covers sleep paralysis visions and false awakenings, as well as the thornier issues in dream research, such as psychic dreams and ancestral visitations.

“Dream Like a Boss 2 bridges the gap between scientific dream research and psychotherapeutic dreamwork, by skillfully blending immense personal experience with extensive scientific knowledge. Hurd has had some extraordinary experiences, and has contributed some unique and valuable perspectives to the lucid dream community. I’ve been systematically reading virtually every book ever published on lucid dreaming, and there were new ideas and material in here that I had never seen before. A treasure chest overflowing with fascinating information and practical advice about psychic dreams, sleep paralysis, false awakenings, and lucid dreaming. A delight to read.”

–David Jay Brown, Author of The New Science of Psychedelics and Dreaming Wide Awake

The ebook is available only through Dream Studies Press.