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Life is full of distractions and constant demands on our attention. It's easy to feel harried, ungrounded and distant from our deeper needs and creative passions.

Honoring our sleep and dreams provides an simple and profound method of re-enchanting modern life.

It's simple, but it's not easy. I know that personally as a community builder and educator who has also spent years as a stay-at-home dad and a frustrated and sleepless writer.

But if you follow these clear instructions and simple practices, you'll be able to reignite your creativity and soulful passions by building your own dream sanctuary and unlocking your own imagination.

Enhance your dreamlife also explores the new science of dreaming and how you can hack your sleep for extraordinary experiences like lucid dreams, which is the art of knowing you are dreaming.

This ebook has helped tens of thousands of people wake up their dreaming minds (20K downloads and counting!) Enhance your dreamlife is the cornerstone of evidence-based dreamwork that has led to me being featured on NPR, CNN, Coast to Coast, Psychology Today, and many more venues. I also teach these same methods to students on the graduate level at several universities.

With a few shifts in your daily habits, you too can quickly reconnect to the creative, dreaming mind for self-knowledge, healing and spiritual growth.

In my view, science and self-inquiry are critical for a more holistic view of Western knowledge to emerge. We need the earth and the sky, and everything in between.

Let's court the mysteries together and discover who we really are!

Join me! The world needs more dreamers.


Ryan Hurd

Author of Sleep Paralysis, Lucid Talisman: Forgotten Lore, and editor of the scholarly collection Lucid dreaming: New perspectives on consciousness in sleep.

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