Immerse Yourself

in a Successful Lucid Dreaming Practice

I’m offering this instruction at two levels of depth: You can pick up just the Lucid Immersion Guidebook, or go even deeper with the Lucid Blueprint.

All versions are secure digital downloads, served directly to your inbox in 3 formats: ePub, PDF and Kindle-ready (mobi). All audio instruction comes as MP3.

Choose how deep you want to immerse yourself.


 The Lucid Immersion Guidebook: $9

book-lucid-immersion-guidebookThe core ebook is a 180+ page richly illustrated guide covering the latest research and the nuts and bolts of the Immersion method for effectively and sustainably encouraging lucid dreaming.

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You can pick it up for less than $10 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iTunes.




The Lucid Blueprint: $27


  • The Lucid Immersion Guidebook (40k words, extensively referenced)
  • The Lucid Workbook (self-tracking worksheets and lucid exercises)
  • PLUS: Overcoming Lucid Roadblocks: This valuable ebook outlines the most common roadblocks to lucid dreaming, covering not only how to break through to lucidity, but also how to behave in the intensely weird dreamworld and achieve your aims. Quickly focus your plan’s effectiveness by honing in on your personal challenges and matching them with tailored skill development. (20 page PDF with 2 detailed charts)
  • AND over three hours of exclusive audio instruction, including conversations with top lucid dreaming educators.


  Advanced Audio Instruction Includes:

  • Robert Waggoner, author of Lucid dreaming: Gateway to in the inner self, discussing the most common roadblocks to success in lucid dreaming.
  • Tim Post, creator of Lucidipedia, discussing the cutting edge methods of induction, including why reality checks and dream signs are not enough to break through to lucidity.
  • Chris Olsen, PhD., co-creator of the documentary Wake Up: Exploring the potential of lucid dreaming, discussing how to build a lucid dream group in your community (without burning out).
  • Plus, 2 additional audio presentations with me, Ryan Hurd on dealing with lucid nightmares and the secret history of lucid dreaming.

Lucid Immersion Guidebook
  • The core lucid dreaming guidebook for Kindle, Nook, or iBooks
The Lucid Blueprint
  • The Lucid Immersion Guidebook (Kindle ready, epub and PDF)
  • The Lucid Workbook (PDF)
  • Overcoming Lucid Roadblocks (PDF)
  • Conversation with Tim Post (MP3)
  • Conversation with Robert Waggoner (MP3)
  • Conversation with Chris Olsen (MP3)
  • Working with Lucid Nightmares (MP3)
  • The Secret History of Lucid Dreaming (MP3)

 Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeI’m confident that this training course will stoke your lucid fires. But if you’re not satisfied with the Lucid Immersion Blueprint in any way, you can have your money back up to 30 days after purchase.

Honestly, this is the program I wish I had when I started going deeper with lucid dreaming. In a way, I’ve designed Lucid Immersion for my past self, as this training would have saved me a lot of frustration, confusion, and some nightmares too. Learn from my mistakes: when you dip into the deeper waters of lucidity, take a trusted guide.