FAQs for Lucid Immersion Blueprint

How to get the most out of your digital home study course

Should I print out all the files?

I recommend printing the Lucid Workbook. It’s less than 20 pages, and is designed to be filled out longhand so you can design your plan and track your progress.

But I do not recommend printing the Lucid Immersion Guidebook because it’s 200 pages long and full of colorful art: it will suck all the ink out of your printer.

How can I read the files on my home computer?

Purchase via your computer, unzip the files and double click to open them.

PDF: Whether you use a Mac or PC, a viewing program should volunteer itself to open the file. If not, download the latest version of Adobe Reader or Calibre.

ePub: Try Calibre. Also, you could try Adobe Digital Edition but you have to register to download the app (it’s free, but a pain).

mobi: The Kindle app for your PC or Mac. It’s a free application, and it’s really a nice reading interface.

How do I get the Lucid Immersion Blueprint onto my iPad or iPhone?

The easiest way is to purchase the LI Blueprint directly on your iPad, use a free unzipping app like ZipFileViewer.

PDF or ePub : open the document in iBooks. If you don’t have an unzipping app installed, the download will not complete. You can also use the Adobe Reader app on the iPad to view the files. For the audio files (if applicable), follow the same procedure to unzip the files and open in iTunes or the Safari browser.

mobi: Download the Kindle app for iPad/iPhone. it’s free, and it’s a nice reader.

Alternatively (for all files), if you purchased on your computer, you could email yourself the files from the computer to your mobile, or use DropBox to transfer the files for personal use. Same goes for the iPad. For the audio files, iTunes will synch the mp3s (but unfortunately, not the PDFs, hence the run-around above).

Droid support?

Sure, Adobe comes standard with all Droid phones and devices, and the Kindle app is free to download, so PDF, ePub and mobi are supported. You could always email yourself the files from your home computer, or use an app like Dropbox to transfer the file for personal use.  Still, that’s an awfully small screen, so I recommend the mobi file for tiny mobile screens.

How do I navigate an ebook?

The Table of Contents of all three ebooks are live, meaning you can click a chapter or heading title and be magically transported to the text. The endnotes are also live: click the superscript number and you can read the endnote. Afterwards, hit the back button of your reader to go back to your last viewed page.

How do I listen to the Expert Audio files?

The zipped folder consists of 5 mp3s. Unzip the folder once you download it and then double-click a track you’d like to listen to. Whether you use a Mac or PC, a music program should volunteer itself to play the track. If not, you can drag and drop the files into your preferred audio player, be it iTunes, realPlayer or QuickTime. Once you synch your iPod or phone, you can listen to the files on-the-go.

Can I read the Lucid Immersion Blueprint on my Kindle or Nook?

Yes. For most ereaders, you have to add the file to an “authenticating” library, and then upload to your device through this pass-through program. Calibre is the way to go. This ebook management system is open source and free, and it also converts ebook file types as well as allows you to synch to your various e-readers.

Instructions to adding the mobi file to your kindle is here, and the epub file to Nook is here. Here’s how to do it for Kobo.

Will this course ever make it into print as a “real” book, made of paper?

Yes. We’re shooting for Winter 2012.

What time is it when you wrote this FAQ?

4:46 AM, thanks for asking.

Is that why you’re so snarky?

It’s a precipitating factor, but I’m prone to snarkiness anyways. It’s my personal brand of lucid living.