Ready to Dream Like a Boss?

Dream Like a Boss — Book One is currently unavailable as it’s getting an update after 10 years and thousands of downloads. 

However, you can read the first few chapters of the book free, which has been repackaged as Enhance your Dreamlife.

Check it out here!



Dream Like a Boss (Book One) is a holistic introduction to getting better sleep, having more dreams, and working with the insights that come from dreams and nightmares.

After years of nudging by fans, I have finally compiled my most practical how-to articles on dream health into one ebook series, and the result is Dream Like a Boss.

It’s meant to be practicable and easy-to-apply to your own life. But, as usual, the book also includes the latest research in dream science and dreamwork. 

Book One — Sleep Better, Dream More, and Wake up to What Matters Most is all you need to easily build a dream-rich life for greater creativity, emotional health and insight into your own personal journey.

Readers of my blog, Dream Studies Portal, have been helping me test, adapt and work with this material for over five years. 

It’s crowd-sourced knowledge, clean and distilled.

Hundreds of readers have reported successful results with:

  • getting better rest
  • remembering more dreams
  • reducing stress-induced nightmares
  • having more vivid dreams
  • tapping into creative energy and problem solving real-life issues
  • finding healing and insight, as well as greater connection with loved ones