Why do Nightmares Happen?

I missed this excellent podcast about contemporary nightmare research when it was released last fall. NPR interviews New York Times science journalist Natalie Angier and dream researcher Kelly Bulkeley about the whole mess: theories about the cause of nightmares, common nightmares, as well as how to deal.

Here’s the link for NPR”s Anatomy of your Nightmare.

Also, I”m noticing that a lot of people find my site looking for information on children and nightmares. Be sure to check out my dream research resources, and here’s a quick primer on nightmares in children from familydoctor.org.


  1. Sripriya Sakala says

    I’m having bad dreams from the last three days. All of them are after sunrise around 6.30 A.M… Quite scary.. They’re so weird but not impossible..

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