Exploring Sex & Lucid Dreaming

second-life-dream-sexFor a topic as popular as lucid dream sex, it’s strange that there are few valuable guides. Part of this disconnect is because lucid dreaming is marketed as the ultimate “virtual reality ” but, in practice, erotic dreams are not so easy to control.

In fact, sexuality is hard-wired in our minds alongside terror just as much as ecstasy. That is probably why the world’s wisdom traditions have explored sexuality as a serious, and sometimes perilous, pathway to the spirit and the Divine.

The article covers some basic FAQS about lucid dreams and sex – including dream orgasms – and then provides some tips and resources about how to navigate the choppy waters of Eros in the dream world in a way that is safe, respectful, and illuminating.

Here’s the link to my new article about exploring erotic lucid dreams.


  1. John says

    About 2 months ago I decided to learn LDing… After about 2 weeks of going to bed early, eliminating all distractions, and using all sorts of methods online in order to enter lucid dreams, I still had not managed to have one. However, my dreams were a loooot clearer, and for 4 days in a row I was able to write down at least a page in my journal for each dream. Then certain things in my life started to occur, which sent lucid dreaming to the bottom of my priorities list, but now, I’m ready to start trying again. Any suggestions?

    • Daniel B. J. says

      Yeah! Do read your journals and find a theme that’s common for all dreams, and that happens in reality. For example: seeing your mom.
      If this seems to happen a lot in your dreams, and in reality, then do a reality check each time you see her. Then you’ll eventually start doing it in your dreams as well, and WHAM! Lucid dream :)

      But for some it is harder than others to start lucid dreaming… But good luck! :)

  2. Mariam says

    I had lucid dreams before i even knew what it was. I used to be awake stand up and find my body still lying in bed. It freaked me out so much, i had to scream really hard en forse myself back into the real world. It happens to me more often now, so i went online searching and found out that these are lucid dreams. I get so scared of it that i never get to explore the stage. I had the feeling that if i did’nt get back into my body i would day or something. It did not feel correct.

    • Ryan Hurd says

      Hi Mariam, your experience sounds like an out-of-body experience. Some people believe that the spirit is really leaving the body, as that’s what it feels like. on the other hand, others think this is just a type of dream. In my personal experience, it’s a safe place, and there’s no danger of not getting back. You’ll simply wake up. they can be very exciting experiences — next time: try to fly!

      • Conor Bickmann says

        I believe it’s called astral projection, I saw a movie once where a man’s son was very good at astral projecting and his spirit flew so far he got lost and could not find his way back. It’s called “Insidious”, not to deter you from astral projecting, I’m actually quite jealous! But overall it was an interesting watch, quite scary though when applying the theme of the movie to your own skills at home lol

  3. Joy says

    Hi, I want to start by saying this forum is a nice resource for me. I thought I was the only one having lucid dreams, and extreme sexual encounters with both sexes in my dreams but now I feel a bit more comforted knowing others experience the same types of dreams. However, there’s sumthing that bothers me in my dreams. I have a lot of dreams about spiritual or supernatural events and beings. Like so often I dream of this stuff. It’s kinda weird. I just dnt understand why I’m having spiritual battles in my dreams. And another thing thats weird to me is that, I am hesitant about saying God in my dreams. I dnt know. Like I’m afraid of the other ppl’s reactions.

    • Ryan Hurd says

      Hey Joy,

      thanks for the comment. I have found that it’s quite common for spiritual and even religious themes to emerge in dreams and especially intense lucid dreams, even if this is not something that usually grabs your attention. When we are facing unknown territory (and the dreamworld definitely qualifies!), we tend to fall back on our beliefs about the world and look for ways to stay safe. This is metaphysics 101 — when the s#it hits the fan, we look for protection. Look to these dreams to reflect and display where you are in this “battle” as you say. They can teach you a lot about what you fear most, and where you draw comfort (even if it doesn’t make sense in the light of day.) these are important things to notice and, eventually, integrate into waking life rationality.