Cyber Monday Sale: 50% off all Digital Dream Kits

I haven’t had a sale since summer—so why not?

Today, Monday December 2, all my digital multimedia dream kits are 50% off.


This ebook starts where most lucid dreaming books leave off: beyond beginner’s mind and towards a true advanced lucid dreaming practice

That means you can pick up the Advanced edition of my Lucid Immersion Blueprint for less than $15.

And my Sleep Paralysis Kit is only $7.50.

And the Ultimate Dreamer’s Kit (the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink package) is less than $19.

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Here’s the link to my products page for more info.

And a quick update, while I’m at it:

My upcoming ebook Dream Like a Boss (Book One) is gearing up for availability on Amazon before the New Year. Thanks for your patience!



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