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A Beginner’s Guide to Dream Studies.

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dream-journal-tipsDreaming 101

What’s Wrong with Dream Dictionaries?

How to Keep a Dream Journal

How to Incubate a Dream

How to Start a Dream Group

Honoring a Dream By Taking Action

Contemporary Dream Theories (a 4 essay series)


ryan with arrowheadWhere I’m Coming From

Calling All Dream Warriors: My Story (the brief version)

The Trouble with Dream Studies (A 3 essay series)

Toward an Integral Science of Consciousness


Beginner Lucid Dreaming

What is Lucid Dreaming?

3 Myths about Lucid Dreaming

6 Best Scientifically Backed Lucid Dreaming Techniques

lucid-dreaming-techniquesHow to Have more Lucid Dreams: Lucid Living

The Ritual of Calling Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dream Supplements


lucid keyAdvanced Lucid Dreaming

Erotic Lucid Dreams

Geometric Imagery in Lucid Dreams

The Void in Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming as Shamanic Technology

Dream Reliving


Health and Dreams

passion flower sleep aidDreams that Warn of Illness

The Power of Grief Dreams

Managing Cancer Pain Through Dreamwork

Causes of Nightmares

Depression and Dreams


Sleep Paralysis and Hypnagogia

Out Of Body ExperienceIntroduction to Sleep Paralysis: Awake and Can’t Move

9 Ways to Wake Up from Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis and Seeing Spirits

The Succubus and Sexuality in Sleep Paralysis


Dreams and Spirituality

lucid-vortex-to-nondualityBig Dreams

Visitation Dreams

Christian Mysticism and Lucid Dreaming

Ancestral Dreaming

Eco-Dreaming: Dreams and The Spirit of Place


asli1The Anthropology of Consciousness

Sleep Patterns Around the World

The Prehistory of Lucid Dreaming: New Vistas in Cognitive Archaeology

History of Lucid Dreaming

Hallucinogens in the Stone Age

Nature Awareness as a Field Technique for Anthropologists