Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness: New Online Course

Dreams, meditation, psi, hypnosis, altered states… it’s all up for discussion! I’m co-teaching a new course at the Rhine Education Center with my colleague Loyd Auerbach, author of (most recently) Psi Wars: East and West. The course is Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness. It’s an 8 week course, including live video lectures, discussion board, […]


The Lucid Talisman: Restoring an Ancient Cognitive Tool for Lucid Dreaming

So, I have entered into a new phase of my dreamwork. In a seemingly bizarre move, I have shifted beyond ebooks and gone backwards: creating an artful object that has its roots in centuries past. It’s called the Lucid Talisman, and it’s basically a restoration of an ancient cognitive tool for encouraging lucidity in waking […]


New Evidence that Lucid Dreaming Improves Performance

You can learn how to ride a unicycle by dreaming about it. That’s the claim made decades years ago by Paul Tholey, a German psychologist who pioneered clinical lucid dreaming research and its connection to sports psychology. He had never been on a unicycle in waking life, so the story goes, but after a couple […]