3 Must See TED Talks on Lucid Dreaming

I can't think of a easier way to introduce lucid dreaming—in all of its wonder, complexity and variety—than by watching these 3 inspiring TEDx talks. All told, we're talking about 35 minutes. Enjoy. 1. Thomas Peisel. (12 minutes) First up, we have Thom Peisel at TEDxLowerEastSide in New York … [Read More...]


Listen and Watch: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Figures Inspire Creepy Music

A wonderfully haunted new single is out by indie songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, who is often described as having a style of “doom-drenched folk.” The song “Carrion Flowers” is directly inspired by and recreates the emotional geography of her sleep paralysis experiences. According to her interview with Paper, Wolfe says, “Sleep paralysis for me comes in the form of shadow […]

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Dreaming of Archaeology: A New Podcast Interview

In lieu of actually blogging (sorry, busy days!), here’s the link to a recent invited interview I did with the Archaeology Podcast Network. We talk about how paying attention to dreams can help researchers uncover personal biases as well as reveal potentially useful and creative insights for the scientific process. As you know, dreams have […]

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Initial Findings about Galantamine’s Effect on Lucid Dreaming Qualities

Last month, G. Scott Sparrow, Ralph Carlson and I presented the initial findings for our retrospective study at the annual meeting for the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Virginia Beach, VA. Despite the popular interest in galantamine, there is very little published research on its effects on dreams and lucid dreaming (knowing […]