Dreams, art and spirituality: a blog shout-out

I just discovered Tristy Taylor’s blog about dreams, art and spirituality. Taylor is an Interfaith minister who writes eloquently about dreamwork as a soulful path.

I especially like her discussion about the role of psychological projection in everyday life as well as dreams:

When I dream about a powerful spiritual being that infuses me with love, I am that Bright Shadow as well. When someone praises me for something I have said or done, I try to receive it, but then let it go – because it is not really about me, it is about that person recognized a part of themselves and celebrating it. The same is also true when someone gets incredibly angry at me for something I”ve done – I listen and integrate the criticism in a way that is helpful to me, and then I let it go, because again, it is not just about me. My father often says, “projection doesn’t work unless there is a hook to hang it on.” It is a shared experience.

Tristy’s dad is Jeremy Taylor, who is also one of the fathers of the contemporary dream movement. Both Tristy and Jeremy regularly offer workshops in the San Francisco Bay area.


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    I heard about Jeremy Taylor from a colleague at work, sounds an interesting guy. I like the post and will check out some of your other writings…