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This 32 53 page ebook is full of tactics and strategies for supercharging your dream life.

Update: I’m now offering the second edition of this FREE ebook, with fresh content, more research,  and new colorful illustrations. This material is essentially a long excerpt of my book Dream Like a Boss.

We live in a culture that never sleeps, and ignores our dreams. 

In the West, more than 60 million individuals have insomnia, and that number is growing everyday.  If you are looking for advice about how to get better quality sleep as well as how to have more vivid and exciting dreams–with less nightmares too– then you’re in good company.

Cultivating good sleep and vivid dreams can be a good motivator for slowing down the frenetic pace of modern life. Dreams reflect our deepest desires as well as creative solutions to the problems that stand in our way to achieving those goals.  Paying attention to sleep hygiene can also lower stress, boost energy levels, and eradicate nightmares and other parasomas such as sleep paralysis.

Boost dream recall, reduce nightmares, and sleep soundly

This second edition has a landscape profile for easy viewing on any screen on mobile device.

I am a dream researcher who has logged thousands of my own dreams in the last 20 years.  I used to suffer from nightmares, too, which finally compelled me to learn all I could about the science — and the mysteries — of the dreaming brain. 

I’m sharing here what I learned the hard way, so you can improve your dream life tonight.

Enhance your DreamLife is divided into 3 chapters

  1. Optimizing your Sleep Life. Without a good night’s sleep, dreaming is impossible. This chapter focuses on sleep health and how to go to sleep to dream.
  2. Crafting your Dream Diet. Foods, supplements and herbs that encourage dreaming, improve dream recall, and keep the brain healthy too.
  3. Preparing for Good Dreaming. Tips, tactics and practices for creating a dream-friendly environment, including how to reduce nightmares, how to quickly interpret your dreams, and how to incubate a dream that you want to have for creative answers to your life concerns.

Enhance your dream life also covers topics such as:

  • how to keep an effective and fun dream journal
  • how to make your bedroom into a relaxation haven
  • using your alarm clock to remember more dreams
  • lucid dreaming: what it’s really about beyond the hype

And lastly the book discusses:

  • supplements that increase lucid dreams
  • the truth about caffeine and alcohol
  • tactics for clearing the mind before bed
  • how to track your sleep and make your own dream lab

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