New Evidence that Lucid Dreaming Improves Performance

You can learn how to ride a unicycle by dreaming about it. That’s the claim made decades years ago by Paul Tholey, a German psychologist who pioneered clinical lucid dreaming research and its connection to sports psychology. He had never been on a unicycle in waking life, so the story goes, but after a couple […]

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Cool Sleep and Dream Links for April

Here’s some interesting dreamy tidbits that recently came across my desk. Most are new articles and research studies, although a couple are older… but new to me. Enjoy! New children’s book on lucid dreaming in the works. Renee Frances has a new book project on Kickstarter that I just love: The Good Night Fairy helps […]


Lucid Dreaming Day Festivities Are Waking Up!

This April 12th is Lucid Dreaming Day! LDD is a day for celebrating the science and art of lucid dreaming, which is almost a household term. The lucid dreaming community is hoping this event will trigger fresh attention and inspire lucidity in thousands of new individuals. The day commemorates the first time that a lucid […]