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Initial Findings about Galantamine’s Effect on Lucid Dreaming Qualities

Last month, G. Scott Sparrow, Ralph Carlson and I presented the initial findings for our retrospective study at the annual meeting for the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Virginia Beach, VA. Despite the popular interest in galantamine, there is very little published research on its effects on dreams and lucid dreaming (knowing […]


New Online Training with Unlock Lucidity Drops on Wednesday

In case you’ve not yet subscribed to his popular Youtube channel, Nick Barrett is a lucid dreaming teacher from the UK, and the author of Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming. I love Nick’s style and his approach as it resonates with my own. His new teachings in Unlock Lucidity don’t just teach you how to lucid […]


Men’s Dreamwork for Health and Vitality: New Podcast Interview

I’m excited that my interview with Jordan Harbinger of the Art of Charm just dropped. This is a fun conversation geared especially towards men about how working with your dreams can be beneficial for harnessing creativity, vitality, and emotional intelligence. Of course everyone can benefit from this… it’s just rare for me to talk about […]