New Evidence that Lucid Dreaming Improves Performance

You can learn how to ride a unicycle by dreaming about it. That's the claim made decades years ago by Paul Tholey, a German psychologist who pioneered clinical lucid dreaming research and its connection to sports psychology. He had never been on a unicycle in waking life, so the story goes, but … [Read More...]

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Cool Sleep and Dream Links for April

Here’s some interesting dreamy tidbits that recently came across my desk. Most are new articles and research studies, although a couple are older… but new to me. Enjoy! New children’s book on lucid dreaming in the works. Renee Frances has a new book project on Kickstarter that I just love: The Good Night Fairy helps […]

Tried Galantamine for Lucid Dreams? Participate in our New Study

If you have used galantamine as a catalyst for lucid dreaming, we would appreciate it if you would participate in our online survey. We are interested in exploring the subjective differences between lucid dreams that follow the ingestion of galantamine, and those that do not. To take the questionnaire, CLICK HERE. The questionnaire takes about […]


How to Encourage Sleep Paralysis as a Gateway to Extraordinary Dreaming

Say what, you want to know how to induce sleep paralysis? Most people I meet are looking for ways to eradicate sleep paralysis (SP) from their lives, but some lucky and courageous dreamers have discovered that sleep paralysis also makes for a reliable portal into extraordinary dreaming. In fact, some very popular lucid dreaming techniques–such as […]