why do people believe in ghosts

Why Ghosts Won’t go Away

Happy Halloween!  And if you read this on Saturday (thanks to the magical slowness of my RSS feeder), happy Day of the Dead! The veil is thin and once again the News Authorities are briefly letting in some discourse about spirits in the modern world for the next few days. There's all kinds of … [Read More...]


A Lucid Meeting of the Minds

I want to share a video conversation about the leading edge of lucid dreaming work. Honestly, the talk is probably the most mature and theoretically-savvy discussion on lucid dreaming I've been part … [Read More...]

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5 Reasons Our Ancestors Slept Better Than We Do

So I’m still on my paleo kick. I even had to turn down an amazing wedding cake last weekend in order to stay pure to my gut. That was really hard. And it was worth it. I’m still experiencing excellent gastro-intestinal health. I’m still steadily losing body fat as I continue to eat delicious, fresh […]


The New Lucid Dreaming Collection Drops Today

As of today, for the first time in 25 years, the world has an up-to-date resource on lucid dreaming research! Published by Praeger in a handsome, two volume hardback reference set, it’s called Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep. Edited by myself and my colleague Kelly Bulkeley, the book is a snapshot of […]

psiberdreaming conference 2014

Dreaming with the Other: PsiberDreaming Conference is Open for Registration

It’s that time of year again: PsiberDreaming time.  Save the date and bow out of as many responsibilities as possible for the two weeks between September 28 – October 12, because you will be online, soaking up over two dozen presentations and workshops by cutting edge dream workers and researchers. For the uninitiated, the annual […]