5 new Wearable Sleep Tech Devices for 2016

I started compiling a few new sleep tech solutions and it quickly got out of hand -- this space has absolutely blown up in the last year. It's delightful and somewhat ironic, as modern technology is probably the greatest threat to our sleep health in general, given the evidence that mobile … [Read More...]

leveling up rock wall

2015 Year in Review: Leveling Up

Strangely, it doesn’t feel like it is time for my traditional end-of-year post.  Maybe that’s because daffodils are coming up in my back yard and the cherry trees in the neighborhood are blooming? These are weird times, my friends. Wonderfully weird times. Looking back, I have come to see that this year was about leveling up.  Here’s […]


Lucid Dreaming and the Well of Souls

Happy Halloween!  Historically, Halloween is the Anglicized celebration of the Celtic new year, known as Samhain. Early November is traditionally the final harvest in Europe, and also marks the calender as a “cross-quarter day,” in this case in between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. So, we can say that Halloween is the marking of […]

3 Must See TED Talks on Lucid Dreaming

I can’t think of a easier way to introduce lucid dreaming—in all of its wonder, complexity and variety—than by watching these 3 inspiring TEDx talks. All told, we’re talking about 35 minutes. Enjoy. 1. Thomas Peisel. (12 minutes) First up, we have Thom Peisel at TEDxLowerEastSide in New York in late 2013.  Peisel has an approachable style, a […]