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What happens when lucid dreaming grows up

Many beginner lucid dreamers find delight in manifesting objects out of thin air as well as warping the dream matrix a la the Matrix. This is healthy, and akin to a child’s exploration of a nursery room. It’s fun, and with this attitude, the dream will often respond playfully too. These first … [Read More...]

3 Must See TED Talks on Lucid Dreaming

I can’t think of a easier way to introduce lucid dreaming—in all of its wonder, complexity and variety—than by watching these 3 inspiring TEDx talks. All told, we’re talking about 35 minutes. Enjoy. 1. Thomas Peisel. (12 minutes) First up, we have Thom Peisel at TEDxLowerEastSide in New York in late 2013.  Peisel has an approachable style, a […]


Online Psi Dreaming Conference Open for Registration

In a couple weeks time, the annual PsiberDreaming Conference is opening its virtual doors for its annual 2 week conference focusing on dreaming and psi. Psiberdreaming is a unique online conference that hosts over twenty presentations on the mercurial subject of extraordinary dreams. This year’s theme is “Leaping into the Mystery: the Psi-ence of Dreams.” From September 27- […]


Listen and Watch: Sleep Paralysis Shadow Figures Inspire Creepy Music

A wonderfully haunted new single is out by indie songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, who is often described as having a style of “doom-drenched folk.” The song “Carrion Flowers” is directly inspired by and recreates the emotional geography of her sleep paralysis experiences. According to her interview with Paper, Wolfe says, “Sleep paralysis for me comes in the form of shadow […]