Dreaming in the News for January 2015

There’s been a flurry of interesting articles, events and research news about dream studies recently. Here’s a list of some stories that may have slipped past your radar. enjoy! Why do we run so slowly in our dreams? This Mashable piece is interesting, but missed the boat I like to call “REM atonia.” Relatedly, do we dream […]


2014: Year in Review and Looking Ahead with Some Bold Proclamations

Happy New Year! I have been in my cave for the last week or so, thanks mostly to a bad head cold. I must have needed the break though because I’ve been sleeping like nobody’s business. The time off has also given me the chance to reflect — isn’t that what the dark days of […]


The Initiation into Ancestral Lucid Dreaming

We don’t have to forget the last hundred epochs to appreciate the ancient aspects of lucid dreaming, but as Westerners we may need to let go of some destructive myths in order to participate at deeper levels of imagination like those still cultivated in dreaming cultures around the world. Some of these myths include: we […]