How to Survive the Corporate Culture of Sleep Deprivation

As you may know if you follow this blog, recently I have been working with TEDMED on one of their 20 Great Challenges of Health and Medicine: Waking up to the causes and effects of sleep deprivation. My role has been exploring what we can do as individuals, parents, and educational leaders to help recognize the value of sleep for our collective health.

Below is a video I produced that addresses the question of dealing with the corporate culture of sleep deprivation.

Short answer: Take a Nap!

Let me know what you think and pass it on.

You can find more responses to this question at TEDMED.


    • Ryan Hurd says

      me too. that’s why I nap every chance I get. makes me feel better, and simultaneously, like a rugged individualist out to buck the system.

  1. says

    What a great idea! I agree that a short nap does wonders … wonder why adults think they need permission to take a nap? We used to HAVE to take naps in kindergarten :)

  2. Martha says

    I’ve also heard evidence that long-lived populations (I think they’re called blue zones?) around the world typically incorporate naps into their daily routines…another good reason for napping!