1. says

    Yep, been there, done that … sleep is important. Many years ago, I was a full time professional with two young kids being supermom, experiencing what I thought was existential despair at not being able to do it all.

    Then I got really sick, and in the process of coming back from that, learned the despair was a consequence of simple physical exhaustion. Tough lesson, good to remember.

    Good to remember: teething doesn’t last!

  2. Kevin says

    Sleep deprivation/fragmentation as you describe is also a technique found in Brainswashing 101. If someone is trying to control you or your opinion, that’s exactly the frame of mind they want you in.

  3. says

    Welcome to my world, Ryan! I have been living with insomnia and sleep fragmentation for years. Yes, it slowly destroys your mind. Yes, it makes you angry and irritable all the time. At least you have a good reason for yours; my problem is a complete mystery which none of my doctors have really been able to help me with. I too am sick and tired of the attitude toward sleep that our culture has. Even our doctors don’t seem to take sleep deprivation seriously. There seems to be an underlying attitude of, “Just deal with it.” Anyway, congrats on your baby and I’m sure you’ll be back to regular sleep soon. Find me in one of your lucid dreams and tell me it’s okay to sleep.

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