Dreams that Warn of Illness

Dali, Birth of the New man, 1943

One of the most important reasons to invite dreams back into your life is their role in warning of illness and sickness.  The accounts of this phenomenon have been documented for thousands of years.  Aristotle wrote that the “beginnings of diseases and other distempers which are about to visit the body… must be more evident in the sleeping than the waking state.”

Known as prodromal dreams, these warnings come insistently and with increasing nightmarish levels of intensity when not paid attention to.  It’s as if the body is saying “Listen up!”

Some Prodromal Dream Case Studies

A famous account retold in van DeCastle’s Our Dreaming Mind is a woman who had:

“Recurrent nightmares of dogs tearing at her stomach a few months before she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  She died three months after the diagnosis was made.” (p. 366)

Dreamworker Wanda Burch has a more hopeful story.  She listened to the insistent nightmares that plagued her nights and went to the doctor office, only to be turned away several times.  The nightmares continued and one pointed out to her a specific spot on her breast.  She went back to the lab and asked again for a test.  A lump was found that the earlier scanning had missed — breast cancer.

Wanda continued to practice dreamwork throughout her healing and is now cancer-free for over 17 years after that initial diagnosis.  Watch the video below as she describes how her dreams literally saved her life.

Neurologist Daniel Schneider has also published some warning dreams in his book Forewarning Cancer Dreams and the Bioplasma Concept.  In one account, a man has repetitive dreams about being shot at by a machine gun, the bullets hitting the left side of his lower chest.  As Van de Castle reports, “A check up revealed a small tumor on the left lover lobe of his lung, but it had not yet metastasized.” (p. 366).

Vampire Dreams – Not Just About Watching Twilight Before Bed

cc Vampire Weekend by Taylor Wish*

A month ago in Chicago, I saw famed author Patricia Garfield give a presentation about health-warning dreams.  As a psychologist and a dreamer, Garfield has decades of experience about the connections between dreams and illness.

She pointed out to the psychologists in the audience that vampire dreams — dreams of getting bit on the neck — can turn out to be warnings about thyroid conditions or other throat ailments.

Garfield took some time to give examples because dream workers and psychologists tend to  interpret mythological creatures without taking into account the possible body signal.

5  tips for Recognizing Health Warning Dreams

Listening to warning dreams can save your life, so it’s important to know what to look for. Unfortunately, we often notice these warnings long after the dream sounds its alarm.   And the last thing I want to promote is a sense of paranoia about our dreams.  So here are my tips for recognizing possible prodromal dreams.

1.    Keep a dream journal.  This is the practice that is essential to remembering more dreams, as well as tracking similar dreams over time.
2.    Watch out for repetitive dreams, especially unpleasant ones.  Nightmares are dreams that are screaming for attention.  Often, the imagery of repetitive nightmare will become more clear as the emotional intensity increases, practically demanding that you, the dream ego, acknowledge something that you really don’t want to look at.
3.    Prodromal dreams can speak in metaphors and symbols.  The most common symbol for the body is a house or structure.  Where does the action of the dream take place — on the top floor (the head), or in the bathroom (the bowels or kidneys).   In modern society, the car also can be a common sign for the body.  Engine trouble?  Difficulty accelerating?  Blown tires?  The metaphors for prodromal dreams are usually very simple, but may be peculiar to you alone; after all the dream is speaking your imaginal language! Again, repetition and journaling are key.
4.    Vampires bite your throat, and dogs tear at your intestines.  Any time a series of dreams repeatedly exposes, claws at, hurts, or bites a part of your body, that is a sign for attention.   Also, be aware of when animals bite at your hands; I have found that this is often a sign to be aware about what comes next.
5.    If you have a repetitive nightmare like these, and someone close to you reveals that they just had a similar dream, pay attention.  Friends, co-workers and our intimate partners may have unconsciously picked up on an early illness and their dreams can communicate this.  Is it micro-behaviors that they notice or telepathy?  I don’t know, and I don’t really care, to be honest.  Getting the message is what matters most.

As dreams come through our bodies, so do our illnesses come into our dreams.  Noticing this level of interpretation is crucial to a holistic view of dreams, because the body is often disregarded by both the dream nihilists (“random defragging information of the brain”) and by dream enthusiasts (“a message from my Higher Self about my purpose in the universe”).  Sometimes, a dream is just trying to lower our cholesterol so we can get on with the business of life on this planet.

Do you have a story about a dream that warned you of an illness?  I’d love to hear your story — make a comment below.

DreamBoss-book-1This article is an excerpt from my ebook Dream Like a Boss Book 1: Sleep Better, Dream More and Wake up to What Matters Most.


Burch, Wanda (2003). She who dreams. New World Library.

Van de Castle, Robert (1994). Our dreaming mind. New York: Ballantine Books.


  1. says

    I enjoyed and appreciated the article on dreams warning of illness. I dream vividly and pay close attention to my dreams. I have not dreamed warnings of illness. But I recently dreamt of water running under the flooring in a home I was visiting. The following morning discovered a dangerous leak under the kitchen sink. I’ve also dreamt of family members I did not know of and then later did meet. And best of all I dream paintings, which I do create. Some have been series of dreams, so series of paintings have been created and some have been a single painting with a bright light shining on them as I stood in an unidentified, darkened museum. I have not interpreted the dreams, I just paint them. Thanks again for the informative article. I will be aware of these things as I continue to monitor my dreams.

  2. says

    thanks so much for commenting, Julia! i think that painting a dream is interpreting it. dreamwork — like painting all self-inquiry and self-expression — is about the process just as much as the results. which paintings on your site are dream-paintings?

    • Rachel says


      I have the most crazy dreams. They are more intuitive and contain things that I do not know in my waking life.

      i recently had a dream about getting into a bath of mercury. Someone close to me had a dream in which they were told “you have candida and it’s causing your lower back pain.” I looked up candida and saw that mercury levels can be linked to candida. It’s a little disconcerting or maybe it’s a little blessing of a message. I’m definitely taking stock of the info you give about prodromal dreams – thank you. Did not know this was a thing but I am not surprised at all. Dreams are crazy things.

      Any thoughts on these 2 dreams?

  3. says

    Thanks for this wonderful blog and insightful articles.

    One thing that I’m always wondering about dream interpretation is why do we need the dream to interpret a life situation? Or in the case of interpreting a dream that warns of illness: why do we need a dream to interpretate a physical symptom?

    Wouldn’t it be much more straightforward and much less risk of missinterpretation if we would concentrate on our bodily feelings while awake and see what comes up?

    Waiting for a meaningful dream to tell of some subtle physical symptom or of a life situation we need to resolve seems to me a bit of an overkill. Our mind, intuition and intellect work with much more clarity while a awake than in a dream. They work much better awake than even in majority of lucid dreams.

  4. says

    excellent point, Olli. you’re right – we would all benefit from developing intuition and body scanning exercises while awake. here’s how I personally integrate emotional intelligence training into my daily life: http://dreamstudies.org/articles/reconnecting-with-nature/

    However – during most dreams our limbic system is in over-drive at precisely the same time that regions of the brain (frontal and parietal) associated with formal logic are depressed. it’s a great time to listen to what the body/mind has to say without our full awareness dampening subtle body cues.

    Of course – lucid dreams can offer a unique scenario, where we can do dreambody scanning in the dream, maintaining a balance between two (or more) sources of wisdom simultaneously.

  5. Nicolette says

    Hi, I’m only a teenager but I have been having nightmares for about 4 or 5 months straight .. I mean everynight ..everytime I shut my eyes for a bit of sleep. Everytime after i wake up i feel exausted as if i hadn’t had any sleep the past few months. I don’t believe I’m sick, although I can tell something is awry. I mean, I eat the right foods, excerise, I’m a teenger for christ sake! But this does make me suspicious that something could be trying to wave signs in my face. But again, the nightmares I tend to have are childish some to most of the time. It’s like being chased by evil then having to make a decision which side to be on.I understand the philosophy which this could be associated with and i have history of depression but could there be signs of physical illness here? ..Thank You for posting

    • says

      Hi Nicolette, nightmares are common for teens, especially after periods of change or instability at home. If you have a history of depression, my advice is to talk about your nightmares to a care provider such as your therapist or counselor. If your current therapist does not deal with dreams, find another one who does! Nightmares can point towards physical ailments, but don’t whip yourself into a frenzy about a hidden health issue just yet. again, best advice I have is to record those dreams and get them out in the open with someone you trust.

  6. melanie says

    What about frequent dreams of hospitalization? I’ve had three in the past two weeks. There’s not a specific spot that I can sense in the dream, but I’m always waiting for test results to come back and I have an overriding sense in the dream that it’s cancer. Plus, the doctor’s are always serious and doubtful, like they know something I don’t. Each time I feel well and the hospitalization comes as a surprise. there are always loved ones in the waiting room. any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Melanie, I can’t give medical advice as you know, but I do think that you have a great opportunity here. Before going to bed, focus on the repetitive dream you’ve been having and make an intention to find out more information the next you find yourself in the hospital waiting room. Maybe the next dream will be more revealing. Could be a good time to have that annual check-up, too.

  7. Nicolette says

    Thank you, I’ll start recording my dreams daily (that is if I can remember them when I wake up) or if I even get sleep. But thank you, I should be seeing my therapist soon and hopefully he can accomidate my concerns.

  8. says

    Nicolette, I suffered with nightmares for years, too. That’s how I got interested in dreams in the first place. So I am confident that you will be able to turn those terrors around into dreams that can offer guidance and healing. here’s my post about keeping a dream journal, which will greatly help with remembering more dreams. also check out this post about the cause of nightmares.

  9. says

    i had a dream where i was looking at four black flags flying in front of me and at the same time four red flags also flying in front of me.
    The dream was very vivid. does it mean warning of four deathly situations?

    • says

      hi Yovanka, I wish I could interpret your dream, but honestly without knowing your family history, cultural background, and how many times you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean in the last week, I could only guess blindly. Clearly this dream is trying to get your attention. Is it health related? Dunno. My advice would be to write the dream down in as much detail as your can remember, and pay attention to the little details that you may feel tempted to leave out because they seem “unimportant.” Also, share your dream with a friend and see what comes up as you tell the dream. Just be ready for sudden associations that come out when you tell the dream, as well as the emotions. No harm in checking the dream dictionary too, especially for religious symbols in your cultural heritage. And in waking life, keep an eye out for flags. Where do they show up and when are they “waving in your face”?

  10. Donna says

    I had a dream that my dad was twisted through his torso like a corkscrew and on his deathbed. He was quite okay with it but I was devastated and woke up crying. Since I’ve had a number of premonition dreams, I rang him and inquired fairly subtly as to the state of his health. He reported he had an appointment for a prostate examination. The upshot was the presence of cancer cells and ongoing visits and checks. Given his age, the doctors don’t feel treatment is necessary. There was also a shadow on his liver. This was a couple of years ago and he’s still okay.

    More recently, I dreamt that there were tears and bloodstains down the back of my white yoga pants. I’ve recently started teaching yoga and I took this as a warning to be careful with my hamstrings. The dream happened a few weeks ago and I only today had the courage to wear my white yoga pants.

    A girl I taught told me she dreamt she put her hands in lava the night before she accidentally burnt them.

  11. says

    Donna, great dreams! I figure it never hurts too much if we call our friends after a disturbing dream. Sometimes I’m not as subtle as you and that has been embarrassing at times. ah well, of course we’re always a little proud when we show up in someone’s dream: it’s like starring in a movie!

  12. Gay Maddox says

    Hello. For four years I had increasingly terrifying nightmares about spiders, spider webs, wasps, etc., crawling on my upper back, biting me between my shoulder blades, back of neck. I was doing extensive dreamwork at the time and put every possible interpretation to those dreams except the obvious. Began having back pain. Went to several doctors. Blew me off. Thought I was drug seeking. Finally went to a new doctor who did mri and said I needed work done on my neck. The neurosurgeon wanted a mylogram before cutting. That test showed my spinal cord was practically closed. His words, “It’s a miracle you’re not in a wheelchair. Surgery. Arachnoid Cyst growing inside my spinal cord from base of my neck to right between my shoulder blades. Made a believer out of me. In my nightmares I was in a wheelchair, in the neighborhood of the very hospital where I had the surgery being chased by a fat bald man with glasses. The neurosurgeon was fat, bald and wore glasses. I’d never met him before. That was in 2000. In 2007, I dreamed a voice said, “What would it take to keep you living?” I started to reply enough money so I didn’t have to worry all the time but decided that would be the wrong answer so I said “to know God is really there and that the trials of life on this planet are worth it if he is there at the end. The voice said “OK”. Imagine hearing someone say that while shrugging their shoulders at your stupidity and you’ll have some idea of how the voice said “OK”. Month or so later another dream, I’m walking with my sister along a cross section of either bone or some organ. She tells me to be careful where I step. She says “Some of these old aquaeducts havent been used in a long time. Some kind of fluid was under my feet and I knew it would be dangerous to let it touch me. Some weeks later, another dream. A young dark haired woman in a cave, holding a white apron out toward me. She let black dead spiders fall out and hit cave floor. She was telling me it wasn’t the cyst this time but she was deeply concerned. Not scared but concerned. Last year got real sick with flu. Doctor did chest xray, said lymph node in lung was enlarged. Wanted a CAT scan which I have not yet had due to finaicial problems. I know these dreams are warning me again but there is absolutely nothing I can do other than beg for free treatment which I will not do. To anyone who has these dreams, pay attention and move on the warning if you can because the warnings are sometimes almost literal in the message and the messages are very real.

  13. says

    thanks for sharing your story, GM. that is chilling indeed. the spiders and the arachnoid cyst… shivers.

    Sometimes dreams are bodily metaphors and sometimes they are other kinds of expressions, so do not despair… dreams don’t seem to come to warn us of something we are powerless to fight. let the creativity of the dream be mirrored by ingenuity in waking life!

  14. T Cole says

    5 weeks ago I had a very short dream fragment right before the time I usually wake up. I always have very wild dreams – weird situations that seem normal at the time but are ridiculous upon awaking. This particular dream was quite the opposite. I had just finished a dream sequence when I heard my name called very clearly. In my dream I turned around and I noticed a young woman of Indian descent looking right at me. She was about 5 feet in front of me. She pointed at my chest and said “you need to see a dr”. I was shocked. I was aware enough to realize that something out of the ordinary was occuring. I asked her if I was going to be ok. And she shook her head no. At that I woke up and was very upset.

    You see I am 49 and I had not had a mammogram in over 5 years. I immediately made an appointment, and I am currently recovering from breast surgery 3 days ago. You see I have stage 1 cancer. The surgery was extremely successful. The drs are all amazed at the reason I got a mammogram! I had no pain or feeling that I was in trouble. Breast cancer does not run in my family. I thank my angels for warning me of the cancer. I know I would not have been checkecd otherwise.

    • says

      wow, thank you for sharing this amazing story! I have a couple questions: the dream figure was of “Indian descent,” can you clarify: Native American or Indian? In either case, do you have any ancestral heritage, or any other “hit” about why this particular person may be connected to you, such as where you live, or an academic interest?

      again, thanks so much for telling this story. It’s really powerful.

  15. Kari says

    I’m a little late to the party but I waanted to share a vivid dream I had a few years ago. It was short and to the point: fire ants were crawling up my nose, a whole swarm of them! I woke up screaming and crying for my mother!

    A couple of days later, I developed a NASTY sinus infection.

  16. Kara says

    don’t know if your still even checking this site but I had literally just woken up and searched what dreams meant before doing anything else, I just had a dream that on my skin right in my lower lower abdominal, like right above my uterus and ovaries, I had a like of cysts and the line went straight across my lower stomach then part of it began to go in a curve all the way up my side and end right before my armpit…any ideas? thanks for this post btw

    • Ryan Hurd says

      sorry I missed this comment. Kara if you’re still tracking this website, can you give us an update?

  17. Kristi says

    I had a re-occuring dream that I developed an immunological disease and I was diagnosed with one 10 years later. I had a dream that somebody was trying to steal my blood and they did not want it because it was too thick. It turns out my blood vessels are constricted. I had a re-occuring nightmare that the toilet overflowed and years later I was diagnosed with inflamatory bowel disease.

  18. Amber says

    I had a recurring dream about my teeth falling out in various different ways, but i cant remember all of them. They were “here and there” and all within 1-3 months I’d say. I’ve read that it has to do with anxiety, which makes complete sense, since I have panic attacks and have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

    BUT, the main reason I am commenting here is because I had a recurring dream about suffocating in various ways, most of which I can’t remember vividly anymore. I was admitted as a 5150 to a psych ward in mid to end of October, and my memory is horrible but I believe my suffocation dreams were in November, after I had been released. I remember telling my friend that I was having these dreams for a week straight, at LEAST once a night, and sometimes all night long (no exaggeration). I also remember that in one of them, my mom was watching me suffocate but didn’t do anything and in another, my brother knew i was suffocating but didnt even care and completely ignored it.

    Also, I have been having vision impairment in my dreams for a long time, but I can’t remember how long (I assume a few years, more or less). I am either blind, can’t open my eyes, or have horrible vision. This happens very frequently in my dreams.

    And last but not least, I have never studied how to control my dreams, but I do sometimes (I was on antidepressants and mood stabilizers for four years, and have been off of them for only 3 weeks now). If I control what I’m doing in the dream AND know that it is a dream, I (embarrassingly) tend to make it sexual.


  19. Asil says

    I had a dream about Elizabeth Montgomery, best known as the star of the t.v. show “Bewitched.” I used to watch that show when I was a little girl and have always admired her. In the dream, we were friends, having a nice conversation. I was calling her Liz; she was calling me by first name. It was pleasant. Then, I woke up, satup, and realized that she had died of colon cancer. Before I went to sleep that night, I had discovered a lump on my right breast but was going to wait a month or so to see if it went away because I’ve always been kind of lumpy, thinking it might be a cyst. However, Elizabeth Montgomery waited to get treatment for her cancer and it was too late for her. I went the next day to my Obgyn and had a biopsy done. I did have breast cancer in both breasts with some in my right lymph node. That was two years ago, and it was considered stage 3A. If I had waited, i might not be here today.

  20. Laura says

    I had a recent dream ‘vision’ and several days later a health event. I awoke one morning a week ago with a visual image of my chest, specifically it appeared to be the left side and my breast was burst and looked cracked, it was flesh tone or white and the cracks were a darker color, gray or bluish gray with some black or brown, a touch of green perhaps, but I don’t remember red(blood). However there were thick, chunky ‘strings’, three maybe four of a pale yellow substance that resembled butter and had that smooth consistency or firm pus(?) It all happened very quickly and the image was gone. I stood up and went about getting ready for my day of work. For a few moments I thought to myself — ‘OH, was that breast cancer? should I get a mammogram?” then I went on and it left my mind. Three or four days later, this past weekend, I was at home working and ‘stressing ‘ about my work I’d brought home and all the work I had to get done before MOnday and I began having chest pressure that wouldn’t quit, later a headache on one side of my head. After experiencing this chest tightness and not recognizing it from past experience(I have asthma) I call 911. I ended up with what they called “Broken Heart syndrome” or stress cardiomyopathy, which was discovered after an arterial catheratization procedure was performed on both sides of my body. Good news, it was NOT a heart attack, just my body’s way of reacting to my working too hard and not getting enough rest and keepin balance in my life.
    I stayed in the heart hospital afor about three days and was released a few days ago. Here is the thing. As I was riding in the ambulance that dream image of my ruptured breast/chest came into my memory and I am convinced it was a warning and it saved my life for I did n’t hesitate to act and call the ambulance. I have had chest tightness in the past for what I have believed was my asthma, but never taken action other than to use an inhaler. Was also diagnosed with diabetes. Bummer. But this may have also been the help I received in catching both of these issues EARLY, I believe a spirit guide was helping me. Does this sound like a typical case of dream warning? I don’t dream often but when I do it is colorful and full of action and adventure and this usually only takes place over the summer( I teach) when i’m recreating and relaxed….not in work mode.]

  21. Ron Taulbee says

    I only wish I had stumbled upon your material much earlier. Here is a recounting of a dream, that I should have taken as a clear warning, but instead, I had my head in the clouds wondering exactly what the significance was.

    January 14th 2010 – The light source
    The dream was third person – I was both the observer and the participant.

    Someone is directing my attention to a body. I am watching as my body is in a prone position, my head to the right. My body is lying flat on a table about four feet off the ground and covered head to toe with a sheet. There is a dull gray light illuminating the room.

    From nowhere, a small ball of light appeared over my body, above my chest. The ball of light began to move in a circular path, spiraling down closer to my body. It began to pick up speed, all the while trailing a streamer of light, like an glowing neon ribbon. Rather quickly, the ball of light slammed into the left side of my chest, penetrating it, and I am jolted awake in a cold sweat.

    I would, in the ensuing months go back over the dream. I would look for other clues in dreams leading up to this one, as well as those that followed. I added a note in parenthesis (Spiritual Impregnation??)

    Yeah, right

    Labor Pains – Coincidental? I think not

    9 months (to the day) later, I am out for my usual noon walk at work, and I start to feel some tightness in my legs. That was a Thursday. By Monday, I could barely walk. It felt sa if I had done a thousand squats, and was stuck in the middle of one. Off to the doctor.

    Tested for all the usual – nothing. Chest X-ray showed an “infiltration”. Doc says – drink plenty of water while waiting for other test results, but if I don’t feel any better at all next day, I should go to the hospital.

    Next day – I am in ER. Long story short (too late I know), I saw many specialists, and was tested for everything under the sun. No body had a clue. They did a biopsy on my left leg, which was inconclusive. Next up, an open lung biopsy (go ahead, guess which side). I didn’t find out until much later, that the young surgeon really put a scare into my wife when he said something to the effect “the tissue sample does not look good at all”. Diagnosis – Microscopic Polyangiitis Vasculitis – inflammation of many small blood vessels. A runaway inflammation that had gotten in my legs, arms, the back of my neck, and side of my head and face, and of course, my lungs.

    You really haven’t lived until you have had a tube coming out of your chest draining your lungs of fluid. Oh, lets not forget the pleasant sensation of having it yanked out like a pipe cleaner.

    Root cause – who knows? An immune response to something. So, here I am, 1-1/2 years later, much, much better. Some days I feel 95%.

    The worst part – since then, my dreams, by comparison to those before the episode, well, lets just say they pale by comparison. As does my ability to sleep.

    Now I have some important knowledge, some real experience – I know, without a shadow of a doubt, what form a dream about my health will take.

  22. emmy jay says

    I often used to have dreams about breaking my leg at my knee joint. Though this transpires into when I am awake, if I am about to go down a flight of stairs I get those ‘what if’ scenes of me falling and always breaking my right leg. Going on for a while now, Went to the doctor and apparently my right leg is weaker due to an old injury, I had an ASL tear in my knee.

  23. emmy jay says

    I often used to have dreams about breaking my leg at my knee joint. Though this transpires into when I am awake, if I am about to go down a flight of stairs I get those ‘what if’ scenes of me falling and always breaking my right leg. Going on for a while now, Went to the doctor and apparently my right leg weaker due to an old injury, I had a tear in my knee, a floating knee cap all this time and didn’t know about it. Aside from the warnings I’d get in my dreams or when I was about to do something that required knee movement.

  24. Phyllis says

    I have had on two occasions a dream about my body double,who looks exactly like me, she is walking past me lying on the couch with my husband by her side. She is carrying a long knife with blood on it, When they pass by where I am sitting on the couch I am yelling for their attention and both she and my husband never make eye contact like they cannot see or hear me. Then in the second dream I had she tells me that is how she is going to get rid of ME is with that knife in her hand. I am almost afraid to go to sleep. my husband says each time I have the dreams I wake him up yelling.

    • Ryan Hurd says

      Phyllis that is a terrifying nightmare. I wonder in either dream if you got a sense of who was stabbed (whose blood was it) and where? this could yield interesting prodromal information.

  25. tiffany says

    I had a dream a few days ago about a black bird/crow being shot and killed outside my window..the physical body vanished but the ghost of the bird stayed floating in air..it then zoomed towards me clinging to my right outer palm.. I began to shake it off of me but it continued to fling back to me.. almost like a boomerang..weird thing was when I looked down I saw only a small box.. but it represented the dead bird in my mind..I heard its crowing and flapping but only saw the box clinging to my palm… I recently went and got a pap. Done… last night I had a dream I was pulling large worms from holes in my head.. a mans voice calmed me by saying its ok those are there to keep the infection from spreading to your brain.. :0.. then I looked doen and saw a large mass sitting on my body where my left ovarie would be.. and immediately thought omg I have ovarian cancer.. my ear fell off my face after that. (Not sure what that might mean) but this morning after the dream I got a call from the health center I got the pap at.. they told me it was abnormal and they are sending it off elsewhere.. I’m scared. My mom doesn’t think my dreams are telling me anything…but they have very much seemed like messages to me.

    • Ryan Hurd says

      thanks for the comment Adelita! I’m happy to see you are still offering that series from Robert — it’s timeless!

      • says

        Thanks, Ryan. And speaking of “timeless” I just linked this post to an article on dreaming I’m writing. The information you present is super helpful to dreamers and dream teachers and definitely doesn’t have an expiration date, either.

  26. says

    I have two experiences that touch on this. The first is that I recieved a warning dream when I was young that my period had started during the night – a hand offered me three red pearls. After that I took note of anything red in dreams and they did, indeed, turn out to be the same warning.

    The second is that at 7 months of pregnancy, I felt unwell. I consulted a book about labour, decided what I felt didn’t fit the bill so went to bed. After a good, full-night’s sleep, when I had dreamed of a round, green cactus with a dimple in the middle (a doughnut without quite having a hole) and long spikes on it, I found I was in the late stages of labour, and gave birth a few hours later.

    I’ve come to this site because I’ve had a couple of dreams recently that I consider might be health warnings. I wonder if there is some sort of list of dreams that might point to the problem. Mine didn’t simply focus on a body part.

  27. Shanita says

    I had a dream in a hospital setting. Two doctors were diagnosing me. The setting was of laughter, and play. I was diagnosed with some blockage in my reproductive area and it required surgery. The one Doctor wanted to proceed with the surgery, but I wanted a second oppinion. She convinced me that she was the best dr to perform the surgery. As we continue to discuss my options, there was an alert that my daughter was having a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop so the doctor that was attending to me ran next door to take care of my daughter. They prepared a hospital bed for her and I woke up.

    THe reality, I’ve been having some medical concerns for the past two months. My body has been experiencing inflammation feelings. I’m in the process of seeing an ENT Dr. Because I feel a lump in my throat. Though my regular dr said, based on my blood results, they were normal, I don’t feel normal.

  28. Gareth says

    Last night i had a semi-lucid dream where i was aware of the fact i was sleeping and entered a room full of “People”, It was sort of like a upper middle class american bar scene (medium dark brown wood, people dressed in suits and that sort of thing) I had the desire to talk to my body/subconscious self (the latter i have previously done) and i had the default understanding upon entering this scenario that the “people” were somehow representatives or avatars of my mind/body. I was approached by a few i felt like i knew and franticly they said the the throat is trying to kill you. (At this point a man was nervously fast paced walking past in an attempt to escape. I stopped him and said “I know who you are”. It gets hazy here and i get an image of him lifting a wine bottle to his mouth sat down at a table to my left hand side saying “I like to smoke, I like to drink” Then i get hazy where i feel like i’m choking and cant breathe at all, This felt completely real and then I get some sort of bogus knowledge of a living organism/virus/creature living in my throat and it becomes deadly if not treated and causes growths on the outside of the throat. This all felt incredibly real, i even got some sort of name and images of diagrams of the problem, but i cant remember what it was called. It has nagged at me all day and i get the feeling the threat is very real. Do i completely disregard this red alert or do i go and beg the doctor to take a look?

  29. says

    Dear Gareth,

    I hope you did go and see a docter? It is always wise to listen to these messages even if you should misinterpret them. Let your feeling upon awakening guide you. At this moment I am gathering dreams related to health, so I hope to hear from you again.

  30. Terry says

    I just woke up from a dream where I was told I have thyroid cancer. I saw the xray results & saw a cluster of tumors.In the dream I shared the news with my family and friends individually. I haven’t been dreaming very much lately & this dream was so long & vivid. Most illness dreams seem to be more abstract so I was wondering if you can share any insight with me. Thank you.

    • Ryan Hurd says

      well Terry, on the surface the dream seems to betray a fear of this sort of diagnosis, especially the social implications. These implications could be worked with using dreamwork methods, such as imagining that each character in your dream is a part of you. I am not one to draw hasty conclusions, but if it were my dream, I would be scheduling a check up just in case.

  31. Lissey says

    Hello I have been dreaming of being bit by a sexy vampire and lusting of sex…everything was sexual in my dream that I was beautiful and sexy…. but I am married but have not yet consumated our marriage as of yet… any ideas…

    I have been dreaming this since Friday and a little bit today. Thanks and love your response and openness with others


  32. Lorna Smith says

    Hi thank you for sharing this. i woke up startled last week after having a dream that i had big lumpy fleshy things down the right side of my torso. when i examined them closer in my dream they where huge with teeth like things growing from them. can you give any insight please?

    • Ryan Hurd says

      Well, I don’t know if it does relate to your corporal body, but if it were me, I’d keep the dream in mind the next time I’m getting a physical. Watch for repeating themes in the weeks that follow. You can also do a dream incubation in which you ask for more detailed information. Here’s an article about doing a dream incubation:

      • Lorna Smith says

        thank you for your reply, i will have a look and try the dream incubation! thanks again

  33. says

    Hey I have more of a question, I have had this dream a couple of times and its a bit weird. I am with the family I no longer talk to (family drama) were goofing around eating and we walk to the store and these fire ants start attacking me and biting all over mostly my knee and below but they jump everywhere then I keep walking and it happens 2 more times. When I wake up I still have the sensation of the fore ants all over my body and it lingers for quit a while.

  34. dee says

    I had a dream about vampires last night but none bite me. They tried to and fir some reason my ex showed up at that moment in my dream and I pushed him in front of me and they ate him….I have a sore throat/cold but vampires didn’t scare me much in the dream it was about preparing to stay away from them….

  35. says

    A dream I had a bit ago was of a woman who had just been “entered” (?) into hospice, but wanted to be at home. She is in her 50’s. She’s in bed, which is next to a big picture window. I am outside and see that she has wakened. I go inside to check on her. She says my name to make sure she remembers it correctly. I nod yes. I then see she has messed herself (she is wearing a hospital gown), and also has some up on her chest between her breasts. I tell someone to call the / a nurse to come clean her up.
    This seems to be the only health related dream that I can think of.

  36. Sarah says

    I had a dream few weeks ago about a bird pecking at my stomach. I still haven’t figured out what it might mean….

  37. says

    I recently had a dream that I was diagnosed with an illness and had only 2 months to live. I am not sure what this means and I do not know what the illness is. What can this mean?

  38. Vanessa says

    I’ve been diagnosed with cx cancer, had surgery and now about to undergo chemoradiation (just to make sure no micro cancer cells are left) for 5-6 weeks. For a long time I felt like something was wrong, blood results always fine, and of course lots of dreams of creepy crawlys and sharks! I now am having a horrible dream that is extremely upsetting when I talk about it. In it, I have moved house to get away from a black, black spider that feeds off it’s occupants, it’s killed people but has entered my house and fixated on me. It turns up at my new house, and in a kids room. I watch a man fiddling with a mag rack trying to help me rid of the spider. it clamps onto his finger and it envenemates him, until the spider is tiny and drops off, having envenemated the man. I think ” noes my chance to finally kill it!” And I grab what I can to squash it. I’m careful because I know it’s deadly and don’t want to miss my one chance. I get it, but the spider is so hard like Teflon he just bounces out and flies at me, angry. I coax it out the front door but it STAYs there hovering, menacing, trying to get in the glass framed door we have, and it’s as if it knows and I know it’s just waiting for me to open the door. I felt despair. Why doesn’t it go find someone else? That’s when I see my handbag and phone and keys out on the table and I realise I need them. I woke up with a bad headache!

    • Vanessa says

      I have since had another about spiders- this time there were several venemous black spiders in two bags. In one, they “got out of the bag” and I had one on my foot, one on my hip and the last one I tried to flick off but it ran from my hip up my spine to try and burrow in the crease of my left eye. *shudder*

  39. Destiny says

    I keep having recurring dreams about being cut into on my spine. Right between my shoulder blades. I feel the blade sink in, it feels so real. Even on waking I am left with an electric pang type feeling in the area that lasts for a bout an hour then lessens to a dull thud like a bruise type feeling sore to touch but never looks weird. Also there is always this man. He is about 5′ 8. Muscular but thin. Kind of gaunt face with a short sparse beard. Brown hair little past his ears and wavy. I asked him what his name was and he said it was “Ren” He asked me if I had a face on my arm? I do have a dragon tattoo??? This other guy about 6’2 is the one who cut into my spine this time. He was thicker man, no beard, sandy shorter straight hair. Ren yelled at him, Jon NO. And Ren held my hand as Jon cut into my spine. It always feels as though they are removing something or whatever. I have never seen either of these men in waking hours, but I see Ren all the time when I sleep. What do you think it means? Can spirits enter your dream state, because when I look Ren in the eyes he feels real, I even touched his face I could feel the texture of his beard and feel the warmth of his skin. As real as real life.

  40. Aixa Hermoso says

    Hi, i had a dream 2 days ago. I was in a small car with my 2 and only friends. My friend daisy was driving, i was in the passenger seat and my friend behind me. Idk where we were going but i just know that i started to have labor pains but my stomache was normal. Ivd had a baby so i know how these pains feel. Then its like i blinked and i was in a wheelchair being admitted and taken through a door. I looked at my stomache the pain was there but no belly. The little voice in my head wont let me forget this dream. Until 3 weeks ago i had a 3 yr birthcontrol taken out of my arm because me and my husband are planning.Im sure your aware of birth control side effects (implanon). Causes cysts and in some cases women can no longer have children. I have not had any illnesses but something tells me to not ignore it. I got a bad vibe from the dream not a goid one. Please give your feedback. It would be most appreciated.

  41. Aixa Hermoso says

    I also remember clutching my stomache in pqin in the wheelchair. B.C. is also known to cause ectopic pregnancies

  42. Hello says

    Dreamt I had stomach cancer. What a fucking nightmare. Don’t think I’ll get a checkup, but will eat healthier from now on.

  43. donnell says

    hi this morning my mom called my on the phone and said she had a dream about me having a heart attack and dying from it i would like some insight on this if anyone can help please give me your feed back i really appreciate it thank you. she also said i had the heart attack because of stress and now they are suggesting i move back to my home town.

  44. Elizabeth says

    I have had three surgeries for endometriosis ( a painful reproductive disease) and been on Lupron depot (chemo drug for prostrate cancer, induces menapouse) twice.

    I have had several indicative dreams. I’ve dreamed I’m in the hospital having surgery and they are telling me it didn’t work and have to have another. I wake up in pain, and when I fall asleep the dream repeats all night.

    I’ve had dreams I’m getting stabbed by a person in the stomach, and when I wake up I’m in pain.

    I just had a disturbing dream last night where I was told I had lung cancer and it looked like a spiderweb on the pet scan. Pretty sure it’s because I watched the fault in our stars this week but who knows.

    I’ve also had nightmares indicative of emotional trauma. Whenever I think about my abusive parents or have a conversation about them to someone else, I always have a nightmare.

    I had recurring dreams when I was twelve about a house. I knew my family was moving but didn’t know what the house looked like. Everything in the dream was a weird shade of green and a man was standing on the staircase, threatening to drop a baby. I was begging him no and he drops it, the dream ended there. When I moved in, the house was the same house in my dream, which of course caused me to panic and believe the house was haunted or something (it wasn’t, of course). I did experience a lot of parental neglect while I lived there, so it’s very strange.