How to Encourage Sleep Paralysis as a Gateway to Extraordinary Dreaming


Say what, you want to know how to induce sleep paralysis? Most people I meet are looking for ways to eradicate sleep paralysis (SP) from their lives, but some lucky and courageous dreamers have discovered that sleep paralysis also makes for a … [Read more...]

Watch the New Sleep Paralysis Documentary “Devil in the Room”

new Sleep Paralysis documentary

I've been eager to see Carla MacKinnon's artsy sleep paralysis documentary short for a long time. The eight minute film just won "Best Documentary" Prize at Cineglobe International Film Festival in Geneva and is now available to see for free. The … [Read more...]

Science and Art Blend Together in New Sleep Paralysis Podcast


There's a great new podcast by the Guardian's Science Weekly just published on the topic of sleep paralysis. In the studio are sleep paralysis researcher Christopher French and filmmaker Carla MacKinnon discussing the science and cultural history of … [Read more...]