How Changing my Diet Just Doubled My Dream Recall


About six weeks ago, I stopped eating grains and dairy. I went Paleo, as in The Paleo Diet. It's basically about staying away from most of the fruits of the neolithic revolution—grains, legumes, and of course processed foods stuffed with corn syrup. … [Read more...]

Among Children: An excerpt from The Boy Who Died and Came Back


Children, especially when very young, are the masters of dreaming and imagination. At four, [my daughter] Sophie was talking to me about the difference between “wake dreams” and sleep dreams. In a sleep dream, “you don’t know you’re dreaming.” You … [Read more...]

Let’s All Sleep Together

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 1.02.14 AM

Today is World Sleep Day! That means today is perhaps the one day this year you can safely brag about how much sleep you're getting without being judged as a sleep slut. So sleep in! Take a nap! Sleep around without impunity and tell everyone about … [Read more...]